How to Choose a Halal Certifier?

Jan 1, 2020

Many international Halal certifiers are equipped to certify under different national schemes, for example the Indonesian or Malaysian schemes.  Some countries, including Malaysia, only allow importation of meat products if they are certified Halal by a recognized foreign Halal certifier.  Islamic Services of America is one of only three American Halal certifying agencies that meet the strict standards of the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development.

How Halal Certification Can Help the American Dairy Industry?

Dec 17, 2019

Dairy demand is growing around the world, and these markets offer huge opportunities for the development of the Halal dairy sector.  According to the trade website Dairy Reporter, as early as 2010 industry giant Danisco had invested in Halal certification for a range of key ingredients including yogurt and cheese cultures, ensuring that they will be able to meet the growing demand.  Other producers targeting these markets can ensure that their products are competitive with Muslim consumers by getting Halal certification. 

Scope of Halal food industry in USA

Nov 1, 2019

The US Muslim population is growing, and the Halal food industry is keeping pace with demand. The global halal food market reached a value of $1.4 trillion in 2017 with US consumers currently making up $20 billion. There are huge opportunities to tap into this growing and increasingly affluent market.

How 'Halal' can benefit my business?

Oct 27, 2019

Halal certification can benefit your business in a dynamic market by indicating to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike that your products meet the highest quality standards and were produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

Is Halal the same as Kosher and Organic?

Oct 1, 2019

Halal is not the same as kosher or organic, but there are similarities between kosher and halal, and food and cosmetics that are certified halal may also be certified organic.

Are you like Bob?

Aug 30, 2019

Many products are inherently Halal, they just need to carry the Halal certification mark