Suspended, Cancelled , Terminated Customer List of ISA (ongoing):

Over time, some ISA customer business needs change requiring decisions that include ending their Halal certification programs.  Alternately they may be temporarily suspended or terminated due to Halal non conformance issues.  ISA therefore will periodically update a published list of suspended, cancelled or terminated ISA customers.   These customers are considered inactive and non Halal certified by ISA who are ineligible to represent or use our Halal logo or anymore.  If you see any of these companies listed below to using our logos, please report these cases to us:


  • 2020 Cancellations/Non-renewals

Hofmann Sausage Company
Registry Steak & Seafoods dba Cheesewich
Pitman Farms
Old Pueblo Ranch, Inc dba La Reina 
Mochi Ice Cream Company 
Madina Halal Pharma, LLC 
International Spices 
The Proactiv Company 
Devanco Foods
Elysium Enterprises Limited - Cosmetic Group Facility
Paradise Tomato Kitchens 
Simmons Prepared Foods 
Michel de France 
Tuscany Cheese LLC 
Pacific Surimi
Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
PureForm Global 
Super Life
IndusCo. ltd. 
Kaged Muscle, LLC
Advance Nutritional Technology

  • 2019 Cancellations / Non-Renewals

Renew Life Canada
Noor Pharmaceuticals
Healthy Oilseeds, LLC
Sensient France
Cavendish Farms
K&K Cheese
Land O' Lakes
San Joaquin Distributors
Tabatchnick Fine Foods
The Langlois Company
Martec Industries, Inc.
Cumberland Dairy
Monsoon Kitchens, Inc
Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa LLC.
Conway Import Co., Inc.
Green Biologics
Essentia Protein Solutions 
Nutri-Force Nutrition
The Vitamin Shoppe
Gelita USA
Muscle Maker Brands LLC

  • 2018 Cancellations / Non-Renewals

Alera Technologies, Inc.
American Raisin Packers, Inc
Cambridge International
Healthy Oilseed, LLC
KemX Global LLC
Nutrition Enhancement
Pacific Nutritional, Inc.
Syense Labs, Inc (Altoviva)
The Chop Shop
Whole Foods Market
Anita's Mexican Foods
Apiscent Labs, LLC
French Oils, LLC
D&M Packing
Delaval Cleaning Solutions
Keystone Pretzel Bakery
QTrade Teas & Herbs
Sigma Life
Triple T Specialty Meats
Xaerus Fluids