Global Halal Market Events 2023: Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Dec 1, 2022

As the Halal industry attracts people and professionals from all walks of life, the harmonization, strengthening of relationships, and socialization amongst Halal consumers and even non-consumers are growing. For that reason, Halal planning committees and events are also sprawling throughout the globe.

The Benefits of Halal Skincare

Nov 23, 2022

Though Halal skincare products were initially developed for Muslims, beauty enthusiasts are now making the switch to Halal-certified brands because of their many benefits. As the beauty enthusiasts are becoming more aware of product ingredients and processes, millennial and gen Z markets are fueling the demand for Halal cosmetics across North America and Europe, as well.

Halal Industry Networking

Nov 17, 2022

At ISA, we serve a variety of industries world-wide. Whether it is meat and poultry, flavors and colors, pharmaceuticals or non-consumables, processed or bakery products, Islamic Services of America will accommodate the industry’s Halal certification needs. Our attendance at trade shows and Halal conferences keeps us on the cutting edge of industry developments to better inform and support our clients.

Blood as a Food Ingredient

Nov 10, 2022

For most people in the USA and Canada, eating or drinking blood is considered taboo or at least unpalatable. For Muslims, it is clearly not Halal (or permissible) to include blood as part of one’s diet. Consumption of blood is also forbidden in Jewish Scriptures. And it is forbidden by some Christian churches as well, like the Greek Orthodox Church.

Creating Happy Cows with Agroforestry

Nov 3, 2022

The intentional sustainable practices of agroforestry and forest grazing are good for cattle, farmers, and the planet. These practices are also Halal. The animals are more content, shaded from the sun, and able to eat a variety of herbs for healthier diets. Creating a humane and comfortable environment for cattle is encouraged as a Halal practice.

14 Food Shopping Trends and Innovations

Oct 27, 2022

Shopping methods for many have changed in the past few years. This is partially due to the pandemic effect, and to a greater extent due to new innovations in the retail food and beverage sector. The retail food industry is adjusting to changing retail environment with technical, new product, and design innovations.

The Benefits of Halal certification for Businesses

Oct 20, 2022

Halal certification is an important designation for businesses that want to tap into the $2 trillion global Halal market. In this blog, we will discuss about some reasons why getting certified as Halal is so important.

5 Halal Techniques for Better Mental Health

Oct 13, 2022

In Islam, psychology is incorporated into everyday lives in various ways, including spiritualism. Mental health and emotional well-being are of great importance to Islamic thought. Qur’anic teachings can serve as a guide to individuals who suffer from emotional distress in order to lead them to a meaningful quality of life.

Halal Plant and Animal Based Protein Powder

Oct 6, 2022

Is protein powder Halal? Due to questionable sources of gelatin and rennet in cheese products, whey protein should be Halal certified. ISA has been Halal certifying both consumables and non consumables since 1975. To know more please read the full blog.

How to Eliminate Food Waste and Food Shortages

Sep 29, 2022

According to the USDA, in the USA, 133 billion pounds of food is wasted annually. That is 218 lbs. of wasted food per person. Meanwhile, 50 million people in the USA are food insecure. There are children, college students, elderly, working poor and others who don’t know if they will have a meal from one day to the next.

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