ISA Halal certification marks are recognized globally ISA Halal certification marks are recognized globally

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When it comes to service, ISA is the leader in serving customer needs related to the Halal industry.

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Halal certification and auditing services has made Islamic Services of America (ISA) a globally recognized symbol of Halal integrity. 


Islamic Services of America is a leading Halal Certification body in the United States and North America, recognized internationally in every sector of the Halal industry including meat and poultry, slaughter and production services.

Halal education, review of certification processes and procedures, answering simple questions like "What is Halal?" to more complex questions on additives, preservatives, flavorings, and colorings is an everyday part of what we do at Islamic Services of America.  In essence, Islamic Services of America serves as an information hub on Halal products, procedures, and practices for consumers and businesses.

The professionals at Islamic Services of America not only answer daily questions via email and phone; we attend and speak at conferences, visit and exhibit at select food industry trade shows and conduct training programs and seminars.

ISA is happy to offer unparalleled customer service and be your full service Halal certifier. 

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At ISA, authenticity and Halal compliance go hand-in-hand to provide businesses with reliable, world recognized Halal certification. We serve:


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A Few of Our Valued Clients

ABT client logo Ajinomoto Cambrooke is one of ISA's valued customers ARRIX Client Logo AstaReal client logo Beyond Meat Logo WM. Bolthouse Farms, Inc. Logo BruxMix is one of the valued ISA Halal customers Cain Food is ISA Halal certified. Catania Oils is a valued ISA Halal customer. Clean Cosmetics is a valued ISA Halal customer. Crain Walnut is ISA's valued Halal customer Decon7 customer logo Deerland Enzymes client logo Diversey client logo Dynasol Group is a valued ISA client. Eckhart client logo EP Minerals Client Logo Evolva client logo Extract Labs is one of ISA's Halal customers Fresca Mexican Client Logo Gold Coast Ingredients, inc. client logo Gold Medal Client Logo Gruma is a valued ISA Halal customer. Hawkins Client Logo Honeyville Client Logo Huskey is a valued ISA Halal client. IDF client logo J&G Foods is a valued ISA Halal client. Jiffy Foodservice Client Logo Lansinoh is a valued Halal customer of ISA Lasenor is ISA's valued Halal customer Legendairy Milk is a valued ISA Halal customer. LiquaDry is a valued ISA Halal customer. LYONS client logo Mallinckrodt is a valued ISA Halal customer. Marmon Water Foodservice Midamar client logo Mission food client logo MMX is a valued ISA Halal client. Mycotechnology Client logo Novotech is ISA's valued Halal customer Numi client logo Nutek Natural is a valued ISA customer. OPC is a valued ISA Halal customer. Prairie Farms is one of ISA's happy customers. Qemi is a valued ISA Halal customer Redmond Trading(Real Salt) client logo Soft Gel is one of ISA's happy customers. Sunny Sky client logo SVZ is a valued ISA Halal client. The Lamb Cooperative Inc. client logo Third Wave Bioactives is a valued ISA Halal customer. Trident Seafoods is a valued ISA Halal customer. Vitco Foods Client Halal Logo Welch Foods Client logo Whole Herb Company is one of ISA's valued Halal customers Zaytun Halal Logo


Our Happy Customers

  • “The customer service of ISA is incredibly quick and effective. We appreciate our partnership with ISA as we get things done in an expedient manner here”

    Raina Bartholomew | M.S.M. Premark Health Science

  • “I am relieved and excited to have ISA as my Halal certification company”

    Douglas Shull | Vitalabs, Inc.

  • “Not a single certification entity I dealt with had the same level of responsiveness, helpfulness, and customer service like ISA. I have sincere gratitude and appreciation towards ISA”

    Carol Snyder | Evolva


  • “The Customer Service of ISA is TOP NOTCH!”

    Bridgette Barber | Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc.


  • "Thank you ISA for providing superior customer service to our company"

    John Belbas | The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

  • “The ISA team was very helpful. They efficiently managed our project from start to finish. Their e-Halal system is efficient and user friendly. I highly recommend ISA.”

    Jude Tan | WM. Bolthouse Farms, Inc.


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