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ISA is globally Halal recognized and accredited by World Halal Food Council (WHFC), JAKIM (Malaysia), BPJPH (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore), and other regulatory bodies. We not only provide Halal certification, but also educate and raise awareness regarding the topic of 'Halal'. We participate in international seminars, conferences, and educational events to exchange our knowledge and expertise with others. Is your organization interested to learn how to approach the global Halal market? Great!  Give us a call to learn how ISA can be of service.


Halal Accreditation

Halal certification helps compliant companies gain access to nearly a quarter of the world's population. Halal is an Arabic word which simply means ‘permissible’. In today’s world Halal products are becoming more and more popular, as people are coming to know about its benefits. 
Whether you want to capture the domestic or global Halal market of 1.6 billion consumers, you will need to obtain Halal certification from an internationally recognized organization like Islamic Services of America (ISA).  
Halal certifiers in the USA are many, but few are internationally recognized and even fewer have ISA's level of service and support.

ISA Halal Accreditation Bodies:


Image of Halal certification accreditation bodies.

ISA Halal Accreditation:
To gain access to worldwide markets and ensure your company’s success, get your Halal certification from a globally recognized Halal certifier - ISA. ISA is a founding member of the WHFC (World Halal Food Council). 

ISA is formally accepted by the following Halal governing bodies:

  • JAKIM - Malaysia
  • BPJPH - Indonesia
  • MUIS - Singapore

ISA is formally recognized by these global Halal accreditation bodies: 

  • A2LA - USA
  • GAC - UAE

ISA customer distribution and export destinations include:

  • USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Central & South America
  • Africa, Europe, Australia
  • Middle East/ Gulf States
  • Asia/ SE Asia

With ISA, you will have opportunities in Halal markets that may otherwise be inaccessible to your products.

ISA has additional  documented recognition with the following countries and in cooperation with fellow WHFC and WHC global Halal certifiers :

  • The Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka

With ISA, you will have opportunities in Halal markets that may otherwise be inaccessible to your products.

ISA is a founding member of WHFC

Global Halal Governing Entities

Halal consumers are located in the USA and by more than 1.6 billion consumers worldwide. ISA is globally recognized by: 

  • JAKIM (Malaysia)
  • BPJPH (Indonesia): SJPH - Food & Slaughter
  • A2LA (USA)
  • GAC (UAE)
  • MUIS (Singapore)
holding a globe, envisioning a Halal future
Networking is empowering the Halal world

The Southeast Asia Market & Its Booming Growth - Why is this important for USA manufacturers

Southeast Asia nations have the most sophisticated Muslim  populations.  They want to know what is Halal for them to buy and consume ranging from basic foods to vitamins and supplements.  Halal is an integral part of their lives and they pay special attention to product labeling.  The ISA Halal logo is well known and they look for it on product packaging. 

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Cows are being examined with care before Halal slaughter

ISA is recognized for its experience and knowledge in maintaining Halal Standards

International Halal standards vary by country, region, culture and religious schools of thought.  There are many commonly accepted elements and a few specific differences.  ISA is well versed in understanding and upholding these based on the needs for the consumers in many global markets.  

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How ‘Halal’ can benefit my business?

Halal certification can benefit your business in a dynamic market by indicating to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike that your products meet the highest quality standards and were produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

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Halal industry news

The Global Growing Islamic Economy is understandably the greatest contributor to the broader awareness and demand for all things Halal.

The sectors experiencing greater market share and expansion resulting in evident opportunity for company growth are: Halal food, Islamic Finance, Halal travel, Halal fashion, Halal media and recreation, Halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Millenials are playing a critical role in the nature and development of economics worldwide with Muslim millennials being considered one of the 21st century's most poweful economic forces.

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