10 Smart Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket

In the blog “Why is the Price of Food Increasing?” published March 31, 2022, we looked at the many reasons economists and researchers cite for increased food prices.  This blog is about what you can do about it and how you can save money on your grocery bill.

What You Can Do to Save on Groceries

There are many things you can do to save money on groceries without compromising food quality or lifestyle. 

  • Buy in bulk – Buying staples in bulk will save you money.  For example, if you use oil, flour, rice and sugar on a regular basis, you will benefit from buying these products in bulk.  If you have space in your freezer, you can buy bulk meat from a butcher and 5lb (11 kg) bags of vegetables and other items.

Woman crossing off her grocery items from the list.

  • Buy private label or generic products – Many people don’t realize that lesser-known private label brands and generic products are the same or very similar to larger, better known brand name food products.  They are often produced at the same facilities as brand name products. To be sure, compare the ingredients and give them a try.
  • Cook like your grandparents – If you are fortunate enough to have known your grandparents and watched what they cooked and how they cooked, try copying their cooking style and methods.  Many grandparents create miracles with a few simple ingredients.  If you didn’t know your grandparents and/or didn’t watch them cook, try ordering a vintage cookbook, like the Betty Crocker Cookbook, published in 1950.

Happiness is cooking Halal meal together in the kitchen.

  • Make home cooked meals – It goes without saying that you can save money by forgoing the convenience of eating in restaurants.  At the beginning of the pandemic, cookbook sales increased by over 200%.  There are also millions of easy online recipes on many online and social media platforms.
  • Practice intermittent fasting – Practicing intermittent fasting is good for both your wallet and your waistline.  Simply eat one or two meals a day during a certain number of hours or fast on certain days during the week.
  • Plan your meals – This is very effective if you can make it a habit.  Decide what you want to make for the week, then check your fridge and pantry to determine what ingredients you will need.  Write a list of needed ingredients before going to the supermarket.  Or simply use what you already have to make standard or creative, delicious and satisfying meal.  It’s important to cycle through your existing food inventory before they expire and then restock them again for future use when you need them again.

Halal dinner meal in glass containers.

  • Order online - Ordering online saves time and money.  Consumers who order online are able to resist impulse purchases.
  • Consider Asian, South American, Latin American or African Cuisine.  Besides being delicious, there are thousands of authentic recipes from around the world that contain healthy, well balanced and very affordable ingredients.
  • Packaged products – If you desire more convenience, the choices of prepared food products in the grocery store seem limitless.  You can purchase traditional prepared products like frozen dinners, canned or packaged foods.  Many prepared and packaged foods at the grocery store are surprisingly affordable.  Try the newer natural and healthy frozen food brands.

Receipt after grocery shopping.

  • Order large portions and save leftovers – If you are not inclined to cook at home, no worries.  One way to save is to order large portions of meals that still taste delicious on day 2 or 3.  Every city has restaurants that make tasty food and give generous portions. Get to know those restaurants and ‘happy heating’.

To save money on groceries, pick and choose what suits you from the list above and bon appétit.

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