The Benefits of Halal Skincare

Though Halal skincare products were initially developed for Muslims, beauty enthusiasts are now making the switch to Halal-certified brands because of their many benefits. Paul Cochrane of DinarStandard states that the trend of Halal cosmetics and skincare first started growing in Southeast Asia, South Korean, and Japanese markets. But now that beauty enthusiasts are becoming more aware of product ingredients and processes, millennial and gen Z markets are fueling the demand for Halal cosmetics across North America and Europe, as well.

Halal skincare products have been making waves across the globe because of their ethical and high-quality standards. Through these standards, Halal skincare products are able to provide the following benefits:

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Each product is pure and hygienic

Halal products need to honor the values and practices of Muslims. As a result, Halal certified skincare products undergo a strict manufacturing process so that they can comply with the mandates of Halal regulatory bodies.

study entitled Halal Cosmetics: A Review on Ingredients, Production, and Testing Methods revealed that companies have to use production areas with no risk of contamination with non-Halal materials. On top of that, the pieces of equipment and the equipment cleaning products also undergo quality checking to ensure that the skincare products remain pure. Even the packaging materials comply with Halal standards, ensuring that consumers receive pure and hygienic products.

Halal beauty ingredients are the best.

Products undergo a strict production process

Halal skincare products are different from most skincare products because each ingredient must be traceable and uncontaminated. This rigorous process ensures that each Halal skincare product can meet international Halal standards and deliver quality to its consumers.

Since Halal products need to be crafted in pure and hygienic conditions, it’s especially impressive that Inika Organics has created high-quality skincare products for each type of skin. This skincare brand has created a wide variety of serums, cleansers, and moisturizers for each skin type using organic ingredients only. This takes clean beauty to another level, given that each product is hygienic and also good for the skin.

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The ingredients are gentle on the skin

Skincare products are supposed to support your skin health. Unfortunately, there are various skincare products that may contain irritants, toxins or allergens which can cause adverse effects on one’s skin.

Many Halal-certified products don’t contain animal by-products and ingredients, or ethyl alcohol and GMOs, making them gentle enough for sensitive skin. Thanks to their safe ingredients and ethical production process, all-natural and fully-vegan skincare brand Toddle has skincare products that are safe for children’s sensitive skin. Despite being mild, these skincare products can fully protect sensitive skin against the sun, wind, and insect bites because of the carefully chosen ingredients. Likewise, Halal skincare products can protect your skin health through the mild yet effective ingredients.

Halal products are environmentally friendly

Beauty enthusiasts are becoming more conscious about the products that they use. So aside from looking at the performance of their skincare and cosmetic products, beauty enthusiasts also consider the environmental impact of each product.

Halal beauty care product lines are becoming popular these days.

Animal testing is a big concern within the beauty community, and it’s driving consumers to switch to more animal-friendly products. Our article on Non-Muslim Consumers & Halal points out that this ethical concern is actually one of the reasons why consumers are being drawn to Halal beauty products. This reassures consumers that they can enjoy quality skincare products when they’re also combined with other certifications like “animal friendly”.

Halal skincare products honor the values and practices of Muslim and Halal consumers, while also meeting the standards that many beauty consumers want. Given the holistic benefits of Halal skincare, it's no wonder why more beauty enthusiasts are making the switch to these clean, eco-friendly, and hygienic products.

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Natural skincare products are Halal and doubt free.

Written and submitted by Aileen Clarke
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