Halal Industry Networking

Recent HBR research shows that personal networks have decreased by over 16% or more than 200 people on average during the recent pandemic. That makes it more difficult for people to progress in their careers and for businesses to develop connections for business. People who have fewer connections inside or outside the workplace have communicated a decreased sense of belonging to their organization and their industry.

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Studies show that in general, people don’t like networking. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Many think networking events encourage phoniness and shallow, insincere relationships.  On the plus side, it is seen as a necessity.  Networking leads to professional connections, business and career opportunities, industry knowledge and ideas.

Online Networking

Online networking has its benefits. On Linkedin, you can find out about a person, and their background prior to reaching out and introducing yourself.  You can also add existing business contacts to your network which further strengthens your connection to them whether they are still active, changed jobs or companies or have recently retired.  Once someone is in your network, they can reach out to you for assistance or introductions.  Relationships based on professionalism and reciprocity can and do develop online.  In addition, you can access other social networks like Twitter to see what your new contact’s interests and passions are thereby giving you more insight about them..  This process takes time, but it is effective and often more efficient than most in-person events.

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In-Person Networking

As mentioned earlier, meeting and talking to strangers can be daunting. In-person networking allows you to attend meetings, meet people face to face, exchange information and often involves breaking bread together. It can lead to lifelong professional friendships and collaborations.

If you are uncomfortable with meeting new people at in-person networking events, experts advise the following:

  • focus on learning and gaining knowledge that will benefit your company and career
  • identify common interests with people you meet
  • think about ways you can contribute to the careers or business needs of others
  • try to gain valuable industry and career insights and perspectives

Here is a great technique for introducing yourself to others at networking events and meetings.

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Halal Networking

At ISA, we serve a variety of industries world-wide. Whether it is meat and poultry, flavors and colors, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals or non-consumables, processed food, or bakery products, Islamic Services of America will accommodate the industry’s Halal certification and education needs.  Our attendance at trade shows and Halal conferences keeps us on the cutting edge of industry developments to better inform and support our clients.  We serve offices, factories, manufacturers, product brand owners and producers from all industries.

Some international Halal events ISA has attended in the past are:

  • World Halal Food Council Annual General Meeting (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • JAKIM International Halal Certification Bodies Conference (Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Malaysia)
  • The Global Islamic Economy Summit (Dubai, UAE)
  • World Halal Expo

Depending on the Industry, there are hundreds of excellent trade shows and conferences where Halal industry businesses can network, meet potential customers, meet other people in the industry, attend talks, and get new ideas and inspiration. In addition, many industry event organizers welcome Halal speakers.

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They are always looking for new insights that can benefit their attendees. Potential speakers can pitch ideas or proposals for speaker opportunities.  For some major conferences, potential speakers can submit original research for speaking opportunities.

At ISA, we are open to network with people form a variety of industries. We can be contacted on Linkedin, on our website, or by email isa@isahalal.com. 

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