Identifying Inclusive Halal Consumption in the Modern Age: Reverts Passage





  1. the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

A casual Tuesday stroll down the supermarket aisle to pick up one of your favorite products has now transformed into overwhelming anxiety only heightened by the fondness of memories of the products you once enjoyed so much as a child.  With steeping anticipation, you slowly turn the package over and begin to read the ingredients as your inner monologue sends up a prayer…. “Please no gelatin, please no gelatin, please no gelatin.”

Two Muslimahs looking at fruits.

A “Revert,” rather than convert, is a term coined for people not born to Muslim parents who later declare, practice, and identify as a member of the Islamic faith.  As a Revert one vital aspect you quickly become all too familiar with is…..Diet.  No pork, no alcohol….no sweat right?  Or…….so you may think.

As a revert raised in America (especially Iowa) where pork reigns supreme (especially Bacon), a firmly convicted dedication sets sail as you begin to navigate the uncharted waters of what permissible Halal consumption actually looks like.

Admittedly a few tears were shed at the thought of no more bacon or sausage for breakfast, no more hot dogs or beers at ball games with friends to unwind after a long work week. All a minor part of what you are willing to give up for this amazing new-found faith and life direction you’ve been blessed with right?  The pork bacon and sausage are quickly replaced with beef bacon and Italian turkey sausage.  Alcoholic beverages are replaced with pop, juice, water, tea, etc. 

Halal hot dog.

What I wasn’t ready for though however was….. “What do you mean there’s pork in it, this is juice?” Pork gelatin is sometimes used in fruit juices to absorb cloudy elements to make drinks appear “clear,” pork porcine gelatin used as a bonding agent in licorice and chewing gums, pork gelatin used in some ice cream that regulates the crystallization and slows down the melting process (sad face), pork glycerine from bone fat to give toothpaste texture?  INSULIN!!!  Why would anyone put pork in insulin right?  Turns out, insulin is taken from pig pancreas sometimes as they are believed to be closest to humans in chemical structure……….who knew? 

As the Business Development Manager here at Islamic Services of America (ISA), my eyes have truly opened to the overwhelming need for Halal certification and the incredible lack of availability of so many everyday products already eligible in their current form.  From small mom and pop businesses to mainstream big-box corporations.  With over 10 million Halal consumers in North America and over a billion globally, Halal certification for your products demonstrates not only your willingness to include others, but also removes your barrier to entry in accessing an almost $2.5 Trillion dollar market with a 6.2% CAGR forecasted to reach over $3.2 Trillion by 2024. 

Halal environment promotes inclusivity.

Benefits of Inclusivity:

 Whether you are a product manufacturer, ingredient supplier, distributor, or an everyday consumer, identifying that there are millions of people who depend on Halal certification and prefer products who have it 10x more than products that do not, outlines a compelling audience urging to be served.

I’m proud to be a part of ISA and working towards the solution inclusivity brings to the world.  With a free application process and stellar customer service serving the Halal industry since 1975, ISA has always been a proud pioneer and champion of inclusivity while striving to grow the Halal industry. 

We actively welcome all industries, consumable and non-consumable alike, in this effort to broaden Halal certified product availability world-wide………………...will you join us?

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