ISA Halal Certifies Extract Labs CBD Oils and Other Hemp Plant Extracts

Extract Labs is a Boulder, Colorado company dedicated to designing quality, full-spectrum cannabis-derived products.  It was launched in 2016 by Craig Henderson, an engineer who had designed extraction equipment and found that there was a need for quality hemp processors.

Henderson, a veteran, had tried CBD tinctures as a solution to anxiety induced by the Iraq war.  He wanted to make CBD and other extracts from the hemp plant available to all veterans and all people who suffer from physical or mental pain.  “While everyone can benefit from the preventative and medicinal aspects of hemp and cannabis products, our nation’s veterans can utilize these plants to mentally and physically heal.”

CBD Oil Extract is derived from plants.

ISA has certified the ingredients and processes of many Extract Labs products.  “Extract Labs has a unique process of efficiently extracting the beneficial elements of the hemp plant. They reduce or even eliminate the intoxicant, offering extracts that help and heal people”, said Tim Hyatt, VP of ISA.

Why Certify Halal?

Extract Labs Quality Manager, Nick Peters explained, “Our company is open to new markets. We felt that this was a grey area within the Islamic community.  THC is not permitted and many people confuse CBD oil with the cannabinoid THC.  We decided to certify and explain the process.  If there are people who follow Islamic dietary rules and want to improve their lives with CBD and other products.  We don’t want them to be deterred by thinking it’s not permissible.”

CBD oil making laboratory.

Why ISA?

“I did quite a bit of research on the best way to certify our products.  I like the culture and history of ISA.  ISA was super helpful and attentive.  They replied quickly to all of my inquiries, gave us the information we needed.  They were also super knowledgeable, punctual, always ready to answer questions.  I also liked the ISA logo offerings”, explained Peters.

How is it Halal?

CBD comes from cannabis plants.  Some people may not consider using CBD oil for pain or anxiety because they think that it contains mind-altering elements that are not permissible or Halal.  This is not the case.

Many CBD products are seeking Halal certification.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.  It is the substance that is considered an intoxicant and thus, not Halal.  However, many beneficial CBD oils contain between zero to .3% THC.  In other words, it is safe and Halal to consume CBD oils that have trace amounts of THC or none at all.

In 2018, the USA Farm Bill legalized CBD products for production and sale.  In order for any CBD products to be sold legally, they cannot contain any more than .3% of THC.

CBD oil producers are seeking Halal certification as well.

The Medicinal Benefits

There are numerous medicinal benefits in legally grown industrial hemp.  This is not “higher THC marijuana, this is a different species grown in a normal field and registered with the department of agriculture”, explained Peters.  Industrial hemp contains less than .3% THC.  He added, “This is a new industry and there are over 18 minor cannabinoids with differing effects available for consumption.  For example, consumers report varying effects from Cannabinoids like CBN’s to reduce insomnia, CBG for daily relief, CBD for anxiety, stress and nervousness, and CBC as substitutes for pain medication.”

Extract Labs sells its award-winning products online and has a retail storefront in Colorado.  Veterans, teachers, first responders, health-care workers, people with disabilities and people with low incomes can apply for a discount of up to 50% on products.  Products are also sold to distributers and retail CBD stores.  Check them out at:

CBD plants are just like any other plants from nature, except for its strong components.

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