Bob's Halal Apple Jelly


Let’s say you are Bob (imaginary name), and you make incredibly good apple jelly. You sell your apple jelly in local supermarkets, and everyone loves Bob’s apple jelly! Your ingredients are already Halal. So, you think in your mind, why bother to get Halal certified?

Hmm...Here is why. Apple is naturally Halal, no doubt about that. But when a natural product is processed via other ingredients/ products, it is not the same product anymore. If all ingredients used to process the natural product was Halal, then the final product which in this case is apple jelly also becomes Halal. So question becomes, was the apple jelly ‘Halal’ from A to Z of the process? How about contamination? How about the food processor which has a filter made from animal tissue? How about the red color used in your apple jelly? So these are all the factors to consider before your product gets Halal certified. Let's say, your entire process of making the apple jelly is also 'Halal'. Cool story! You know it, but how do the consumers know it? 

A man holding a case of apples

How does a consumer know that your product is 100% Halal if you never say it?

So, you come to Islamic Services of America (ISA), a worldwide recognized Halal certification company, and we help you to say it loud with our worldwide recognized Halal symbol. You apply; we initiate the process; we verify your ingredients; we send our highly qualified and trained QA auditors to physically assure the Halal quality of your product, ingredients, process, facility, etc. And then, comes the final verdict! We found out Bob’s apple jelly to be Halal compliant, so you Bob can now use our Halal certificate to sell your apple jelly internationally!

If one Halal symbol can make all that difference, and you Bob never considered it- who is behind the game? There are many products out there in the market which are inherently Halal, but Halal consumers do not buy it because they do not KNOW about it! Let them know and let your business grow. We are literally your one stop does it all type of Halal certifier, you come to us- only to reach the world.  


Here are a few things to consider while pursuing Halal certification mark for your product:

  • Keep in mind that our ISA Halal certification logo can get your product entry into the global Halal market
  • If your products are inherently Halal compliant, it makes even more effect when there is a Halal certification mark to clarify all doubts
  • If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

ISA Halal certification mark makes this world a much better place, doesn't it?

If you are already considering to come under the umbrella of ISA Halal certification mark, please do not hesitate to ask us any question. Our Halal experts can help you with any inquiry you have, and we will be more than happy to welcome you to join our ISA network!

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