Is That Kosher? Rabbis Debate Plant-Based

Could Impossible Foods Inc.’s fake pork also get a kosher seal of approval?

Just the word “pork” was too much to stomach, said Rabbi Menachem Genack, chief executive of the world’s largest kosher certification group, OU Kosher. Its board voted early this year against the company’s kosher-certification request for Impossible Pork.

Timothy M. Hyatt, Vice President of Islamic Services of America, a competing U.S. Halal certifier, said his corporation made clear to Beyond Meat that nothing identified as pork would be approved as Halal, even though that company hasn’t made a formal request.

“We know conceptually that the word ‘pork’ is not Halal. ISA always recommends alternative description names such as ‘barbecue flavored’ when the original descriptions might imply something non-Halal,” Mr. Hyatt said.

ISA does certify Beyond Meat’s faux burgers, sausages and meatballs as halal.

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