3 Reasons Why You Need a Halal Mark on Your Product Packaging

For Halal consumers who are concerned with following their religious dietary guidelines to the best of their abilities, purchasing Halal products is a daily necessity.  With increased health-conscious shoppers, brands have become aware of increasing the “good” ingredients in their products, making product selection shopping easier than before. 

ISA provides this market with more ‘Halal certified’ and labeled choices.  This begins with consumer demand which leads to product owners and manufacturers deciding to pursue Halal certification of their products.  This then creates the need for a wide supply chain network of Halal certified ingredients to meet the demands of manufacturers who can then provide the final Halal products for consumers.  

The ISA Halal logo is in use for all certified products.

Once the Halal production process is complete, how are buyers to know what they’re shopping for and purchasing is truly Halal?   The problem is sometimes due to the lack of visible “Halal certified” logos on product labels.  So even when a product is certified Halal, it doesn’t benefit the consumer if the Halal status isn’t apparent.  When a shopper is looking for organic, non-GMO or vegan products they’ll identify and buy them when those now common logos appear!

This is key to the following 3 reasons why you need a Halal mark on your product packaging.

Halal Mark can give your products thumbsup to many customers.

1. It’s Required

As part of the service agreement terms and conditions with Islamic Services of America (ISA), each company understands the requirement to have a Halal logo on product packaging upon completion of the Halal certification process.

ISA provides detailed graphic design instructions with the ISA Halal logos for client marketing design teams to produce their product labels.  ISA also provides the value-added benefit of placing Halal certified client corporate logos and weblinks on its website.  This alerts ISA web visitors and Halal-conscious buyers of their brand’s certification and product standards.

ISA furnishes several different logo options to choose from including the three as seen below.  The standard circle seal is globally recognized and recommended while the others are more subtle and usable in the domestic USA market.

ISA Halal certification logos in product packaging

2. Cash In on Your Investment 

It would be counterproductive not to reflect a Halal logo on certified products.  It is most practical to complete the Halal certification process by proudly and rightfully reflecting a Halal logo for all to see with its reciprocal benefits.

With Halal certification and the displayed logo, companies are able to enter the global market and compete again non certified goods.

The displayed Halal logo provides another line of traceability to Halal standards. When ISA displays your company’s logo on their website with a link to your website, you are increasing your online footprint and triggering search engine optimization (SEO) over time.  An effective SEO program allows your company to begin displaying in traffic searches for Halal products. These are all added benefits at no extra cost.

SEO allows Halal consumers to be aware of your Halal logos.

3. Ease of Purchase for Consumers

You are solving a pain point for consumers interested in purchasing your brand.  If a product label has questionable ingredients, the average Halal consumers may not have time to look up a website or call the manufacturer while shopping to see if those “questionable” ingredients are actually Halal. 

Take the ingredient gelatin as an example. If a Halal consumer sees a gelatin ingredient on a product, and there is no indication it is from fish or plants, they will assume it’s pork and not purchase it.  If your product contains gelatin derived from Halal sources such as fish, plants or Halal slaughtered beef without this clarification and a Halal logo, they could  dismiss your brand today and onwards.

The consumer may simply move on to another product brand and check the ingredients list even if it is not actually Halal certified like yours. This could be avoided with a simple placement of a Halal logo on the packaging.

Halal logo ensures all your ingredients are Halal.

Don’t shy away from advertising your product to its fullest potential in the buying market.  Be ahead of your competitors and lead your buyers to the world of Halal certification and its many benefits.

While Halal certification has existed for decades and is observed all over the world, Islam is also growing worldwide which means new Muslims and new Halal consumers.  This creates ongoing new opportunities to educate and obtain new brand loyalty from savvy shoppers.

The ISA Halal logo is displayed by one of our customers

We should realize that Halal consumers are actively searching product labels to make purchase decisions.  Why should they only look for “Kosher” labels when they could be searching for “Halal” labels? 

Simply continue to provide them with options by including the Halal logo on your product packaging. You’ve already done the groundwork, now build upon the foundation. 

Picture sources: ISA, Pexels, Pixabay

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