Reshoring, Insourcing, Restoring Critical Industries in the USA and Canada - Pharma

Aug 12, 2021

ISA certifies pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies for Halal ingredients, process, and distribution domestically and internationally. With Halal certification pharmaceutical companies that re-shore their production facilities in the USA will be able to export to markets world-wide.

Why Halal Slaughter is Humane

Aug 5, 2021

When a product is certified as Halal, it means that it meets the criteria of a good and pure product. Halal products cannot be made from blood, meat of swine, dead animals, and they cannot be dedicated to idols or gods other than the One God of the Abrahamic Faith – the God of Moses, Jesus, and Abraham. Companies certify their products as Halal to assure the public that their ingredients and processes do not contain impure or forbidden elements.

The Post Covid-19 Halal Travel Market

Jul 29, 2021

Halal travel includes flights, hotels, transportation, tours, resort packages, and retreats that are family friendly, wholesome and clean. Providers often include halal food, alcohol free environments, family accommodations, access to prayer facilities, private pool areas, separate men, women and family beaches, education and nature tours.

Is Eating Insects Halal?

Jul 22, 2021

In reality, most of us who eat yogurt, ice cream, canned fruit, bread or cupcakes have already been consuming insects. Carmine is a substance made out of crushed insects called cochineal. It is added to many processed foods and beverages as a red food coloring.

Celebrating Eid al Adha with Halal meat

Jul 15, 2021

While celebrating traditional festival holidays with their families, Halal communities naturally seek Halal certified meat and other Halal food consumables. Especially in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries, there is a significant demand and supply gap for Halal products.

Halal Consumables — A Prominent Niche During Hajj 

Jul 8, 2021

With the increasing number of available vaccines, lives are slowly returning back to normal and with such a massive event like Hajj, many business opportunities are created.  As a result, Halal food is one of the most sought after and in-demand business opportunities.

4th of July Celebrations & Halal Food

Jul 1, 2021

An overwhelming number of Muslim Americans celebrate the 4th of July in its real essence, whether actively or passively. The freedom that is celebrated on this auspicious day is something that the residents of USA look forward to every year. Unfortunately, the celebrations of the Muslim Americans are bound by Halal consumables that are often a hurdle in enjoying the day.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Halal Marketing

Jun 24, 2021

Harnessing the power of AI like IP and geotargeting is great for Halal marketing professionals, as it helps get the right content in front of the right people. It results in high conversion and ROI. Consumers get ads they are interested in, cutting down on noise and distracting ads.

How to Engage the Halal Consumer

Jun 17, 2021

Halal consumers are diverse. They live in different geographical locations and their demographics, buying behaviors, needs, wants, and interests vary. Halal consumers are not always people who follow Islamic dietary requirements. They may be people of various faiths who choose to purchase products because they believe they are qualitatively better than mainstream offerings. This group represents a minority that has been growing over time.

Halal Product Certification Compliance Components

Jun 9, 2021

Halal certification means more than simply determining whether products are free from ingredients derived from non-Halal sources such as pork or whether they contain drinking alcohol such as beer, wine or liquor which would disqualify them from being Halal certifiable.

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